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COVID Health Safety Guidelines for Arden Animal Hospital

The COVID pandemic has severely impacted the veterinary profession and we’re doing our best to stay fully staffed and healthy so we can keep our and doors open to help you and your family pets. There’s been a huge increase in demand for veterinary care. There’s also been an increase in veterinarians and health care team members leaving the profession. That’s problematic, putting even more pressure on our profession. We’ve even seen some veterinary clinics close their doors permanently. Some hospitals are only offering curbside service while others offer exams in exam rooms with both clients and staff fully masked. When the OMNICRON surge hit us a few months ago, we considered going back to curbside service for a period of time. We decided to monitor events closely and continue seeing clients inside our clinic.

It’s been a stressful and profound experience. We lost about a third of our team during 2020 and we had a similar amount of turnover last year; it was a huge hit to our team. We persevered. We carefully and patiently found excellent replacements and we are focusing on maintaining our physical and mental health. We have had interruptions to our service when we had employees contract COVID. We had to close the clinic on two occasions in 2020 and we have had to put limits on the number of appointments, work-ins and new clients we see each week so we have time to take good care of the pets that are sick or injured and need our immediate attention.

Governor Newsom announced this week that the mask mandate for fully vaccinated people will be lifted on February 15th. Sacramento County is also lifting the mask mandate for fully vaccinated people. The CDC still maintains their recommendation for people continuing to wear masks in indoor locations regardless of vaccine status. Last year, when the mask mandate was lifted for a brief period, there was a surge in COVID cases. Then the mask mandate was put back in place for everyone’s safety.

We believe COVID vaccinations and masks help reduce the likelihood of infection and hospitalization. We are unable to consistently social distance when we’re in the exam room with you and your pets. We want to proceed as cautiously and carefully as possible. Therefore, we have decided to keep our mask mandate in place for Arden Animal Hospital for the time being. We need to be of service to all our clients and some have health and safety concerns. We will continue to offer the option for you to meet with our doctors in the exam room. If you have safety concerns or if you would like to remove your mask, we’ll help you with our curbside service option. You can stay in your car and we’ll bring your pet into the clinic for care.

Like you, we are so ready to take off our masks and return to the way things were before the pandemic. We hope you can appreciate and respect that we are trying to be as safe and careful as possible and reasonable too. We’re erring on the side of caution so we can keep our team and doctors healthy and safe. Thank you kindly for your continued support, understanding, patience and respectful dialogue.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Grant Kendall, one of our co-owners, at 916/318-9990.

Thank you kindly


Quick Summary – COVID safety updates for Arden Animal Hospital:

  • Please wear a face covering at all times inside our hospital regardless of your vaccine status.
  • If you prefer to not wear a mask, we can help you with our curbside service option.
  • If you have health safety concerns, we can help you with our curbside service option.
  • If you are ill or under quarantine, please stay home and call us to reschedule your appointment.
  • Please continue to call us to check-in for any appointment when you arrive.
  • If you are picking up meds or food, you are welcome to call us for curbside pick-up or come in.





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