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We are currently not participating in the SAAC program. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update our website when we are able to participate in this important program again. 

The Sacramento Area Animal Coalition (SAAC) is committed to eliminating companion animal overpopulation in the Sacramento area through aggressive spay-neuter efforts, humane education, community outreach and networking.

Our clinic hopes to help SAAC in their efforts, by performing cat and dog spay/neuter surgeries for recipients of SAAC's voucher program.

After recipients are approved for a voucher, our staff can assist in scheduling a surgery date.


For more information about how to qualify for an SAAC spay/neuter voucher, click the link:

How to prepare for your pet's SAAC Voucher surgery:

Our receptionist will advise you of a drop off time between 8:15-8:45 am

  •         Allow 15-20 minutes for the admission process.
  •         Cats should be in carriers and dogs on leash. 
  •         Your pet should have no food or water after 10pm the night before surgery (and of course no breakfast the morning of the surgery).
  •         Bring the original embossed copy of your voucher, documents showing vaccine history, and cash or debit/credit card for payment of co-pay. Checks are not accepted.
  •         If your pet is found to have red, bumpy skin on the abdomen, surgery may be postponed.

Because your pet's safety is our primary concern, we feel obligated to offer you optional services that can help reduce your pet's anesthetic risk. These services are in addition to the fee that you have been asked to pay by SAAC. We offer these services to all clients, without judgment of ability to pay. Our reception staff will be able to explain these choices in detail at time of check-in. Please consider whether or not you can provide the additional services listed below for your pet.


Pre-Anesthetic Blood Profile- this blood safety check allows us to screen the major organs, which process the anesthesia. Potential problems are not detectable just by looking at your pet, and could increase their anesthetic risk. Cost  $133.00

IV Catheter/Fluids- recommended during anesthesia to help support kidney function & regulate blood pressure. This allows access to a vein to administer life-saving drugs in case of emergency. Strongly recommended for patients over 5 years old.  Cost: $104.80

Pain Medication- It is proven that our pets do feel pain after surgery, just as humans do. We feel the humane approach to surgery is to provide relief from this pain.  Cost: $25 - $75

Elizabethan Collar- to keep your pet from licking/chewing at their incision, we strongly suggest the use of a collar (lampshade shaped plastic cone) for 7-10 days after surgery.  Cost: $8.00 - $18.25

The doctors and staff at Arden Animal Hospital look forward to meeting you and your beloved pet, and thank you for putting your trust in us.