Arden Animal Hospital

1823 Fulton Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825


Tour of our Hospital


We hope you enjoy our clean and inviting animal hospital. Our client service representatives will greet you and your pet when you arrive and will make sure you have everything you need for your upcoming appointment.


Ultrasound utilizes high-frequency sound waves to produce dynamic images of organs, tissues, or blood flow inside the body. Our doctors utilize this state-of-the-art technology to diagnose a variety of conditions.


We utilize the highest quality digital radiograph technology. Digital radiographs provide the best quality images and allows our doctors to diagnose a variety of medical disorders and conditions. Digital radiographs also allows us to immediately send images to a Board Certified Radiologist to read and diagnose.


Our surgery suite is equipped with the most up-to-date patient monitoring equipment, which allows our doctors and technicians to constantly monitor your pet's vital signs during a surgical procedure and ensures that your pet is receiving the highest quality care.   

Exam Rooms

We have large comfortable and private exam rooms that will give you, your pet and our doctors the necessary space to conduct a thorough examination on your pet.

Cat Condos

Our cat condos are spacious and offer lots of natural light as well as private spaces allowing cats to relax in comfort. 

Dog Kennels

Our dog kennels have plenty of natural light with several skylights and glass block windows in each run. We supply large off - the - ground beds with blankets or fleeces to keep all dogs warm and happy.

Play Yard

Our staff enjoy playing with the dogs who stay with us as much as the dogs enjoy getting out for some fresh air.  Our outdoor play yard allows dogs to run and play a minimum of three times a day.

In-House Blood Work 

We have the ability to run basic blood panels in our clinic which gives our veterinarians important health information within minutes. This ability to test blood within minutes is especially important in emergency situations and we feel it is a necessity when providing the best care possible for our clients pets.  

In-House Lab

In addition to blood work, our in- house laboratory allows us to analyze various samples under the microscope, checking for skin issues, ear infections and growths(masses) just to name a few. We also have several specialty laboratories that we send samples to depending on the diagnostic need. 

Comfort Room

Because we want our clients and their pets to be as comfortable as possible at the end of life, we have created a room especially for the euthanasia process. We want our clients to have the time they need to say their good byes in a quiet home like environment.