Arden Animal Hospital

1823 Fulton Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825


Pet Boarding

At Arden Animal Hospital, we maintain a clean and comfortable environment for all of our boarded pets.  Our highly trained and attentive staff interacts with your pet multiple times a day, during feeding time, cleaning time and of course playtime.  Boarding your pet with Arden Animal Hospital provides you with the peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and secure and has access to veterinary care if needed. 

Our dog kennels are a good size (3 ft. by 5 ft) and allow enough room for even large dogs to be comfortable. Each kennel has a glass block window allowing natural light to come in. We also have several sky lights throughout the kennel area that allow for natural light to come in as well. Our kennel gates allow dogs to easily see out and to keep an eye on the activities going on around them. We have a fun backyard with shade trees, grass and room to stretch legs and play a bit.

While our facility is lovely, we feel it is best for our mature canine friends who are happy with lots of quiet nap time and are not in need of lots of play and run time to burn off energy. There are so many wonderful boarding facilities in the Sacramento area who offer large living spaces, group doggie playtime and extra optional playtime activities and we certainly recommend these facilities for our puppies and younger, high energy dogs who need to be boarded. Pet sitter's who come to your home are also wonderful boarding options for any pet. 

Black Fuzzy Dog in a boarding suite

Our "cat condos" are located in our quiet cat friendly room that offers your cat a clean, comfortable place to stretch out and relax. We have two sizes of condos, our large condos have 4 levels of livable space as well as a private litter box area. Our medium condos have two levels of livable space and a private litter box area as well. All condos have glass fronts allowing your feline friends to get in plenty of sight seeing and have interaction with people throughout the day. The large condos have glass backs in addition to glass fronts that open up to a glass block area of our hospital that allows lots natural light to come in, which is especially good for sunbathing. 

White Cat in Kitty Condo

Kitty Condos


 Additional Information 

  • Although pets may be dropped off and picked up during normal business hours, we prefer drop-offs be by appointment. Our staff will need time go over information that is necessary to ensure your pet has a comfortable and stress-free stay
  • While boarding, we offer additional services such as nail trims and bathes.
  • Pets are fed top- quality food and provided with comfortable bedding. Please bring any prescription or specialty diets your pets may need. 
  • Arden Animal Hospital is closed Sundays, so kennel staff members are not available to release pets on that day.
  • Please make reservations in advance especially during the holidays and weekends as spaces are limited and fill quickly.
  • Dogs are taken out at least three times a day for exercise and playtime in our shady back yard. They enjoy personal attention during their playtime.
  • If fleas/ticks are found on your pet, we will apply flea/tick control at owner's expense. 
  • Upon admittance, we will establish whether or not your pet has had a negative fecal test within the year. If not, we will require one to be performed during his/her stay at owner's expense. 
  • If you are having a friend/family member drop your pet off for boarding, be aware that they will be signing permission forms and possibly be asked to authorize exams/vaccines/fecal tests that are be due and these services will be at at owner's expense.