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Feline Boarding Admission Form F

Arrival Date (required) :
Departure Date (required) :
Condo Size (required)

Small Condo ($33)
Large Condo ($40)
2nd Pet in Same Condo ($35)
Medication administration per night/pet ($12.00)

Boarding Requirements
If you’re interested, please ask why we have these boarding requirements and how they protect your cat
Current Vaccinations, select if needed: (required)

Rabies Vaccine ($44)
FVRCP vaccine (39)
Up to date

Physical Examination by one of our Vets within the last 12 months if your pet is on medication (required)

Yes, needed ($63)

We will apply a dose of flea control (Frontline Plus) if our doctors note fleas or flea dirt on your pet. Owner will be responsible for the cost of the flea control (approximately $20). If your cat has received vaccines, flea treatment, or had a parasite exam at another veterinarian’s office, we need a copy of your cat’s medical records from your vet’s office as proof.
Diet (select one) (required)

Hospital Diet (The Veterinarian’s choice of a bland diet. Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Dry and canned is available)
Own Diet (There is no additional or decrease in cost if own food is provided)

Amount and frequency of diet to be given: (required)

Medications: Please provide the name of medication, dosage, and frequency of medication to be given:

Has your pet had its medication today?


Do you need a refill of your medication(s) for your cat?


Arden Animal Hospital is not responsible for any items left with your pet.
Items Left (at your own risk): Items must be labeled with your last name and pet's name (required)

Should your pet become ill, the doctors and staff at Arden Animal Hospital will provide all necessary medical care until we are able to stabilize your pet and reach you. If there is a financial limit that you would like to impose, please include it below. Arden Animal Hospital is not staffed 24 hours a day. Should your pet need 24-hour assisted care, your pet will be transferred to a 24-hour emergency hospital. I agree to pay expenses related to emergency care.
Financial limit on emergency care (if any):

Emergency Contact Name/Numbers: (required)

Boarding pets are discharged M-F 9am to 6pm. Saturdays 9am to 3pm. We do not discharge pets from boarding on Sunday. I agree to complete payment at the time of discharge.
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